Ninja Disguise Kids T-shirt

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"Just flip the front of it over your head, and BOOM! Instant ninja warrior!"

Your kids will love this Ninja Disguise tshirt, they can live their long awaited life as a Master Ninja.

Get it now before stock runs OUT.

While it may be a little bit of a stretch in this day and age. Still, it's always good to be prepared. Just in case you've never watched any classic Kung Fu movies on Saturday afternoons, the best way to avoid a Ninja is to blend in and hide.

Ninja's work in the shadows. In order to elude them, you must blend in with your surroundings.


You could also become a Ninja yourself. Yes, that may also sound like a bit of a stretch, but with this t-shirt, it's more attainable than you may think.

Our Ninja Disguise flip up t-shirt is the perfect way to attend to your kids INNER Ninja.


  • Great fit.
  • 100% Good quality cotton.
  • Washing machine friendly (15C, 20 minute program)


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